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Why can’t I do this myself?

It is difficult, but not impossible, to obtain a GSA Schedule on your own. However, it is necessary to possess an extremely high frustration threshold, time and a great deal of dedication. The factors a small business owner must consider in assessing whether they are ready to handle local the following:

1.How much time do I have to work on my business instead of in it?

2.What resources do I have available to use for government contracting?

3.Is my firm “scalable”?

4.Do I have a solid marketing/business development plan?

5.Do I have a solid business plan?

6.Can I effectively execute my plans?

7.Can I take advantage of teaming with other firms?

8.Do I have at least three years of above-average and documented past performance?

Pursuing government contracts without assessing these factors is the biggest mistake most small businesses make.

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