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Government Bid Proposals

Government proposals are sophisticated and require experience and knowledge to successfully prepare. A proposal that misses one or more of the explicit or implicit requirements will most likely be unsuccessful and could conceivably place the contractor in a position of non-compliance with a variety of rules and regulations. RMDK experts have extensive experience in all aspects of proposal development as reflected in the specific services we offer:

Solicitation Review and Assessment of Requirements and Risks

Strategy and Tactics

Proposal Management

Development of Requirements, Compliance Matrices, Volume Outlines

Preparation of Subcontractor RFPs

Pricing Support

Cost Proposal Volume Preparation

"Red Team" Reviews


Whether you’re looking for a joint venture, mentor protégé' or sole source contract we are here to help. Our clients range from small businesses seeking growth potential to large companies, like Lockheed Martin, offering joint venture projects and small business sub-contracting

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